Dr. Rosalyn Montgomery Retires

Dr. Rosalyn Montgomery Retires
Dr. Rosalyn Montgomery Retires

Today, we say goodbye to our beloved Dr. Rosalyn Montgomery as she finishes up her last day of seeing patients. Dr. Montgomery has been a very important part of our team of physicians here as our Orthopedic Pediatric Specialist. Throughout her time here at Orthopedic + Fracture Specialists, she has treated a great number of children and helped them get back on their playground of choice! Dr. Montgomery’s expertise and smile will be deeply missed! We would like to thank her for her service to our community and for being such an integral part of Orthopedic + Fracture Specialists. We wish her all the best for her retired life.

Dr. Montgomery would like to take the opportunity to say farewell to her patients:

Dear Patients,

It is with mixed emotions that I am announcing my retirement from active practice as of August 12th, 2016. This decision has not been made lightly, as I have thoroughly enjoyed working at Orthopedic + Fracture Specialists, and working with all of you.

It has been an absolute pleasure to provide for your health care needs and serve our community for the past many years as a pediatric orthopedic specialist. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and referrals over the years – I greatly appreciate your trust in me to aid you back to good health. I have had the privilege of meeting and working alongside some wonderful and remarkable people throughout my years in practice, but it is time for me to retire and pass the torch to the other excellent orthopedic specialists at Orthopedic + Fracture.

Thank you once again for allowing me the pleasure of working with you!


Rosalyn Montgomery, M.D.