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orthopedic fracture specialists testimonials

I grew up a gym rat, playing basketball, volleyball, wrestling, baseball and whatever was available. Later in my parenting years, I pretty much gave up sports for myself and focused on my boys. I coached them through youth baseball, enjoying living a little vicariously through them. Once these years were over, we were looking for something new to do and we stumbled on the Olympic Sport of Saber Fencing.

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Off and on for the past 10 years, 69 year-old, Dallas Cook, who is an avid surfer, had been suffering from glenohumeral arthritis. He was unable to perform normal day-to-day activities such doing yard work, getting dressed, or even scratching his head! Surfing was way out of the question!

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A winter weekend in January of 1967, my girlfriend, Jana, and I decided to go tobogganing at the ski resort at Soda Springs, California. As we raced down a slope blanketed with fresh snow, the toboggan hit a bump. The impact jarred my boot loose from our wooden sled as it streaked downhill. My right foot dropped into the whiteness that whizzed past just enough for the snow to grab hold momentarily.

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