503-ATHLETE (503.284.5383) is a dedicated sports injury hotline providing you immediate access to orthopedic injury and fracture care from the Specialists in your community. If you have suffered a sports injury and are in need of immediate care, call 503-ATHLETE (503.284.5383) to help you get back to your sport of choice!


These Education Programs have been carefully developed by the Orthopedic + Fracture Specialists to increase body awareness and reduce the risk of injury in athletes. Call 503-ATHLETE (503.284.5383) if you would like to implement an education program with your team!

  • Knee Training Zone

    The Knee Training Zone is a program designed by O+FS physical therapists and orthopedic surgeons to reduce the athletes’ risk of a serious non-contact knee/ACL injury by improving movement patterns and muscle balance.

  • Return to Sport Testing

    After a traumatic sports injury, getting back to your sport of choice may take some time. However, it’s crucial to make sure your body is ready to tolerate stress and that you are ready to return to sport.

  • FMS Testing

    Used in conjunction with targeted functional analysis, hands on evaluation, and appropriate manual examination, we are able to put together a picture of how the body is able to tolerate stress.

  • Neck Strength / Concussion

    This is a neck strengthening program to assist athletes in maintaining the connection between their head and torso while involved in impact scenarios.