Patient Story: Noodle Arms No More!

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Off and on for the past 10 years, 69 year-old, Dallas Cook, who is an avid surfer, had been suffering from glenohumeral arthritis. He was unable to perform normal day-to-day activities such doing yard work, getting dressed, or even scratching his head! Surfing was way out of the question!

In October of 2014, as Dallas was swimming laps, he tried reaching for the pool wall with his right arm, but his arm decided it didn’t want to work anymore. He got out of the pool, knowing something had to be done. He had a fellow surfer and physical therapist examine the shoulder and he was immediately referred to Dr. Brad Butler.

Dallas had his total shoulder arthroplasty (also known as total shoulder replacement) in January of 2015. After a healthy recovery and gradual return to swimming starting four months post-surgery, Dallas got back to riding waves in October of 2015. While he may not be able to ride the bigger waves due to the physical stress his body would have to endure, he is back to doing what he enjoys. He is back on his sled – back in motion!