Finger Joint Replacement

General Post-Operative Instructions for Finger Joint Replacement

What to Expect:

The local anesthetic may make areas of your hand feel numb for 8-12 hours.

You will have a moderate amount of pain for the first 3-4 days; this should be adequately addressed by the oral narcotic pain medication that was prescribed when you left the day surgery suite (Vicodin or Oxycodone). The usual dose of an anti-inflammatory such as Advil is recommended at the same time you are taking the pain medication (unless you have a history of ulcers).

Other measures that are helpful include elevating the hand on a few pillows and draping a plastic bag filled with crushed ice over the splint and dressing (place a dish towel or small hand towel over your arm first so the dressing doesn't get wet).

Other Suggestions:

To keep your hand from throbbing it can be helpful to elevate your hand above your heart. When lying on your back if you place your hand on a pillow you can put your hand inside the pillow case so that your hand will not fall off of the pillow.

Put a plastic bag over your hand and forearm and hand when showering (keep dressing dry).

If you experience any worrisome symptoms such as a fever higher than 101.5 degrees or markedly increased pain, contact the clinic during normal office hours. If it is after business hours and you need to reach the doctor on-call you may call our main number:(503)214-5200 and this will put you in contact with the doctor on-call.

Activity Level:

Leave the post-operative dressing on until you return to the office for dressing removal which will be approximately 9-14 days after your surgery. Do not use your affected finger.


Schedule a post-operative appointment for 9-14 days after the surgery. The phone number for our appointment desk is: (503)214-5255. At this visit your post-operative dressing will be removed. Your sutures will also be removed at this time. You will then be given a prescription for occupational therapy so that a splint can be made and a regimen of therapy can be set up.